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Hi, I'm Alan. What's your name??
The Ultimate Alan Greenspan
Teen Dream Fan Page

Are you like me? Do you sit at home and watch MSNBC just hoping for a glimpse of the Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. And when he does come onscreen, couldn't you just die? Sometimes, I don't know which I want see Alan or to get my first period.

Well, whether your a die hard FED-Head like me, or whether you just discovered Alan this morning, this site is for you!! We're always adding new stuff, so be sure to keep checking us out. We have all the hottest Al news, Greenspan Gossip, and FED Fashion.

So get ready to dive in to the coolest place on the web to learn more about the dreamiest, grooviest, sexiest, cutest, most adorable, laissez fairest guy in the whole wide world!!

Just pick whatever you want to see, or just scroll down and look at all the steamy pictures.

I wish you could be appointed to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

Hot Alan G. Choices!!!

Choose one of the following:

Win a Date with Mean Green!!

Will you be my Prom Queen?

Would you like to take Al to your prom??? Who wouldn't?!?!
Well TEEN DREAM is having a contest, and YOU could end up having the Prom Night of your life.
All you have to do to enter our ultra-cool Federal Banking Policy Essay contest. Just email an essay on whether you think the country should continue with the system of fiat money or revert to the Gold Standard.

All essays have to be written by YOU (no help from Mom or Dad), and should be less than 100 words long (not inculding bibliography).

So send in those essays, and be sure to practice your kissing. We hear Al is a real smoocher!!!

My interest rate in you is rising

Talk to Al Live!!!


That's 1-900-333-4865. It's only $2.99 a minute and YOU can tell Alan all of your secrets. And he'll tell you all of his.

Listen to his recorded messages, They're different EVERY DAY. Hurry up and call before some other lucky girl manages to marry him.

I couldn't be Al's girlfriend....I'm dead!

Al's Got a Girlfriend?!?!?

Say it Ain't so!

When I first heard the rumor that Al had a girlfriend, I was totally crushed. I cried for days when I heard that objectivist philosopher Ayn Rand had stolen Al's heart.

Well, it turns out that while Al does have a great deal of appreciation for Rand's staunchly capitalist writings, he's not romantically involved with her. Why? Because she died in 1982. Score!!!

Battle of the Boys

Mean Al Green vs. Little Leo

I'm the REAL King of the World!I hope nobody finds out that I'm secretly gay

The Boys!! Mean Al Green Little Leo
Has led America to it's greatest economic boom since the Great Depression Yes No
Has portrayed a cock-sucking heroin addict in a feature film No Yes
Has portrayed a retarded kid in a feature film No Yes
Has portrayed a gay poet in a feature film No Yes
Has met President Clinton Yes Yes
Has met President Reagan Yes No
Has met President Taft Yes No
Has a college degree Yes No
Has a college degree Yes No
Is the coolest, sexiest guy in the whole wide world Definitely!! As if...

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